Treatment Equipment

Pain management involves non-invasive treatment equipment to reduce inflammation without surgical intervention, to restore soft tissue, to provide pain relief, and to reduce the chances of requiring surgery in the future.

Find the list of treatment equipment below.

Reduce inflammation

Restore soft tissue

Pain relief

Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Electromagnetic Field Therapy

This equipment facilitates healing and re-energize cells by boosting ATP, un-coagulating the blood, charging the body with bio-photons, and opening the cell walls for facilitating removal of waste and providing an intake of nutritional ions through cell membranes. Also, it increases circulation, decreases inflammation, accelerates bone healing, and enhances muscle function.

Automatic Flexion Distraction Table

Increases the space between vertebral discs and pressure is relieved from nerves and surrounding tissues.

Reduction of stenosis and disc protrusion

Increase range of motion

Increase flexibility of ligaments and tendons

Reduce muscular pain and discomfort

Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Automatic Flexion Distraction Table
Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Custom Othotic

Custom Orthotic

Safe UV technology to mold a flexible, light-curing composite material into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes for immediate relief of foot pain. By curing the orthotic directly on the patient's foot, it enables an accurate medial and lateral arch fit and more consistency when capturing arch height and heel cup shape.

Laser Therapy

Influences pain reduction

Improvement of circulation

Accelerates tissue repair and cell growth

Improves vascular activity

Painless treatment

Restores normal ranges of motion

Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Laser Therapy
Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Back on Trac

Back on Trac

Effective treatment for low back pain, muscle spasms and strains, sciatica, bulging and herniated disc, degenerative joint disease, and trouble with flexibility and mobility.

Cryo 6 (Cryotherapy)

Effective treatment to provide pain relief, decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation, accelerate muscle recovery time, improve circulatory system, and weight loss.

Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Cryp 6 Cryotherapy
Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Recovery Pump

Recovery Pump

This equipment increases blood circulation through the sequence of applying compression to help clear metabolic waste build-up and restores natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. It is used for rapid recovery treatment for fatigued muscle to reduce muscle soreness and decrease swelling and stiffness. It relaxes muscle to relieve spasm and remove inflammation in the joint, soft tissue, and muscle tissue.

Acoustic Wave

This equipment alleviates musculoskeletal pain, improves mobility, promotes new blood vessel formation, releases trigger points, and reverses chronic inflammation.

Dr. Kim Chiropractor | Acoustic Wave

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